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The material matters in material handling. Molded Fiber Glass Tray, MFG Tray, is a leading manufacturer of high-strength, glass-reinforced composite containers, trays, boxes, flats and totes for material handling in the metalworking, plastics and electronics assembly industries, as well as in food service, confectionery and pharmaceutical processing. The company continually develops customized solutions for specific material-handling challenges and applications. Customers are encouraged to contact MFG Tray to discuss any unique handling and design requirements.

MFG Tray products bring an array of performance differentials to material handling applications, including high strength-to-weight ratios, corrosion resistance, temperature stability, and dimensional stability with high load-bearing capacities. MFG Tray products combine outstanding performance features with long service life to ensure exceptional value.

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MFG Tray Toteline™ trays and containers are used in an array of industrial applications to meet specific handling, storage and processing needs.

Nest and Stack Containers: MFG Tray’s Toteline™ nest and stack containers are highly functional... More »

Wash Boxes: MFG Tray wash boxes are expressly designed for cleaning, draining and... More »

Conveyor and Assembly Trays: MFG Tray conveyor and assembly trays feature a low-profile design and... More »

Ventilation Trays: MFG Tray ventilation trays feature dropped sides and/or ends to... More »

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MFG Tray’s Fibrestat product line is molded from high conductivity/low electrical resistance composites to protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge during assembly and handling.

ESD Conveyor and Assembly Trays: MFG Tray ESD-safe conveyor and assembly trays are specifically designed for... More »

ESD Shallow Trays: MFG Tray’s ESD-safe shallow trays provide complete protection against... More »

ESD Nest and Stack Boxes: MFG Tray’s ESD nest and stack containers are highly functional material handling... More »

Food Services Tray Image - MFG Tray Co.

MFG Tray offers a broad line of products expressly designed for food storage, preparation and merchandising, including proofing boards and boxes, pan extenders, prep and storage containers, dough trays and boxes, and display, serving and cafeteria trays.

Dough Trays and Boxes: MFG Tray dough boxes and trays readily integrate into large production pizza and... More »

Non-slip Serving Trays: MFG Tray non-slip serving trays are strong, light and easy to handle... More »

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MFG Tray has been a leading manufacturer of starch trays, holding trays, gum trays and stock boxes for over 40 years.

Starch Trays: MFG Tray starch trays are compatible with NID, Makat, Winkler & Dunnebier and... More »

Holding Trays: MFG Tray holding trays are designed to facilitate the fast and thorough drying of... More »

Gum Trays: MFG Tray gum trays feature completely open sides for optimal air flow over the product... More »

Stock Boxes: MFG Tray stock boxes serve as effective, efficient handling and storage containers for... More »

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MFG Tray vial trays, gel cap drying trays and storage trays are economical alternatives to metal trays and containers that ensure exceptional performance and value.

Gel Cap Drying Trays: MFG Tray gel cap drying trays feature drop sides and/or ends for improved air flow and... More »

Pharmaceutical Storage Trays: MFG Tray deep storage trays are ideal containers for gel cap handling... More »

Vial Trays: MFG Tray vial trays serve an array of handling and storage needs in pharmaceutical... More »