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Starch Trays

MFG Tray starch trays are compatible with NID, Makat, Winkler & Dunnebier and other mogul brands. They feature uniform sizing and dimensional stability to accommodate increased production speeds for optimal throughput and efficiency. They are interchangeable with wood trays and may be integrated into production lines using both materials. Unlike wood trays, MFG Tray starch trays will not break in the event of a machine jam, eliminating the possibility of wood splinters in the end product. Several confectionery operations using MFG Tray starch trays have reported a five to ten percent increase in production efficiency over wood trays.

MFG Tray starch trays can be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C). They feature exceptional stacking stability and will not sag or warp under heavy loads. Contoured corners will not trap moisture or starch residue, and radial edges and recessed ends facilitate handling. MFG Tray starch trays are offered in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a variety of starch depths.

Starch Tray

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