Dough Trays and Boxes—Food Storage Containers—Proofing Boxes

Dough Trays

MFG Tray dough boxes and trays readily integrate into large production pizza and baking operations for improved product handling and storage. Airtight stacking capability protects and extends product life and reduces the frequency of dough production, and the smooth surface resists stains and moisture and is easily cleaned in standard washers. MFG Tray dough boxes may be used consistently in temperatures ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C), and composite construction ensures dimensional stability without warping or sagging, regardless of changes in temperature or humidity.

MFG Tray dough boxes are offered in three sizes and two colors for dough rotation. Optional dollies are available for ease of transport throughout the operation, and snap-on lids are also offered for added product protection during proofing or storage.

Dough Trays

Dough Tray

Available Colors

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