Pan Extenders

Pan Extender – Bakery Trays

Used with standard baking sheets, MFG Tray pan extenders result in straight sides and edges on baked goods so that every piece has the appearance of a center cut. Pan extenders ensure that baked products are even in height, color and texture across the entire surface, insulating the edges of the product to prevent over-baking and eliminating losses due to trimming.

MFG Tray pan extenders are molded from oven-safe, temperature-resistant composites and offer better insulation than aluminum or stainless at less cost. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit any cooking sheet or pan, and a variety of configurations to accommodate different sized portions. Applications for MFG Tray pan extenders include sheet cakes, brownies, corn bread, sweet rolls and various related baked goods. They may also be used for chilling or freezing products.

Pan Extender – Full Open

Pan Extenders

Available Colors
Pan Extender – 2 Long, 3 Short

Pan Extender – 3 Long, 5 Short




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